Public Education

FAA members and fellow FL acupuncturists,

Public education needs everyone’s efforts. Public education includes educating your legislators, your patients and Floridians at large. Please contact the Members of the Legislature in your area and emphasize on the importance of protecting the profession of acupuncture and ensuring the public safety.

The following link will help you to find your local legislators: Enter your zip code in the box on the left side of web page to find your legislators

We need to let the policy makers, patients, practitioners and public understand thoroughly about acupuncture profession. Acupuncture is a proven effective and safe treatment alternative only if it’s performed by a well-trained licensed acupuncture physician.

To Protect Public safety, legislators should support creation of law and rules prohibiting possessing, without an Acupuncture License, Filiform Needles (FDA, Class II Medical Devices, known as Acupuncture Needles). In Florida, some individuals are trying to gain access to FDA, Class II Medical Devices, Acupuncture Needles and practice acupuncture with very minimal training. Please encourage your legislators to help protect public safety by opposing any legislature attempts trying to gain this access by such individuals and supporting Florida enacting laws or administrative rules, promulgating it is illegal to possess an FDA, Class II Medical Device, Acupuncture needle by an individual without sufficient training of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

In 1996, the FDA classified acupuncture needles as a Class II medical device solely for the practice of acupuncture by a trained and licensed practitioner of Acupuncture or a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Code of Federal Regulation, CFR Title 21 Volume 8 (21 CFR 880.5580)

§ 880.5580 Acupuncture needle.
(a) Identification. An acupuncture needle is a device intended to pierce the skin in the practice of acupuncture. The device consists of a solid, stainless steel needle. The device may have a handle attached to the needle to facilitate the delivery of acupuncture treatment.
(b) Classification. Class II (special controls).

Florida Department of Health governs and regulates the Acupuncture Profession under the Board of Acupuncture. For the protection of the Public, Acupuncturists must complete a Post Graduate Degree. An individual must meet the requirements of minimum of 2,700 hours of comprehensive Acupuncture and Oriental Medicinetraining; the successful passage of the National Certification Examinations as well as meeting the eligibility requirements set by Florida Board of Acupuncture prior to obtaining License to Practice Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Florida Statutes Chapter 457 Acupuncture states: “Acupuncturist is any person licensed as in this Chapter to practice acupuncture as a primary health care provider”.

Any patient who is seeking the acupuncture services as an alternative approach for maintaining and restoring their health should look for licensed acupuncture physician to assure receiving safe and quality practice of acupuncture.Member of the public can visit to verify a validity of the license that is qualified to practice acupuncture in state of Florida.

Thank You for taking the time and making efforts to invest in your Profession and Business. Together we can continue to make our profession strong and provide this greatest healing art on earth for our patients who seek it for their optimal health.